Barcode, Labels and Receipt (Dual Function) Printer


Fast, reliable and affordable solution to Receipt,Barcode and labels Printing.
Sales price ₦ 25999

With shipment ABC Courier for ₦ 3500


Fast, reliable and affordable solution to Receipt, Barcode and label Printing.

Ideal and low cost, quality printing solution for Product and Price labels. Barcode Labels, Clothing tags, Address and shipping labels, Shoe labels, receipts, Asset and identification tags etc

Exquisite Portable design available in 2 models - large and medium label paper cavity.

Supports Thermal paper, PET,  PVC, gloss/matte paper and other self adhesive label printing materials.

Free Barcode Generation and Multi-purpose label making software provided.


⦁ Print Method: Thermal Line printing
⦁ Print Width: 58mm(Effective printing)
⦁ Print Speed: Max 90mm/s
⦁ Print Density: 384 dots/line
⦁ Print Command: TSPL
⦁ Interface: USB + BT option
⦁ Paper Diameter: 60mm
⦁ Paper Thickness: 0.06-0.08mm
⦁ Paper Width: 58.5±0.5mm
⦁ Operating System: Android / iOS /Windows
⦁ Input Buffer: 25K Bytes
⦁ Input Power: AC220V
⦁ Output Power: 12V/3A
⦁ Character Size: 24*24 point
⦁ Mechanical Properties: 50KM
⦁ Dimension: 120mm*110mm*95mm
⦁ Weight: 790g

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