LT-1555 Professional mini Desktop POS System + Software + Mobile Alert

Professional mini Desktop POS System with WirelessLAN, Software, Mobile Alert
Sales price ₦ 64999


Powerful, stylish, Low power, Small form Factor (super space saver), and affordable professional POS System with software for retail and hospitality environment.
ideal Point of sale solution for Restaurants/Bar/Hotel, Supermarkets, Pharmacy, cinema, schools, bookshop, fashion shop, Boutique and all retail and Hospitality environments.
⦁ 15" LED Display
⦁ Lovanne SFF Professional Desktop POS Terminal - Intel duo core CPU, 2GB Memory, 200GB SATA or 32GB SSD Storage
⦁ Wireless Mouse/Keyboard
⦁ Windows 10 or 7, WLAN
⦁ POS Software (Retail/Restaurant) Pre-installed
⦁ Remote Mobile login for store owner from anywhere for POS reports/monitoring.
⦁ Prompt After-sale support via remote Login to fix most of your Issues
⦁ Live software demo available at
⦁ 1 year Warranty

The POS software offers;
⦁ Simple sales receipt view interface that can be mastered in a few hours
⦁ Advanced inventory management
⦁ Remote Mobile reports and monitoring feature to enable you login from anywhere with a smartphone/PC to access reports/monitor activities
⦁ Purchase Order Mgt
⦁ Employee Mgt to Track employee hours and customize access to functions
⦁ Generate/print product labels with Barcodes and price tag
⦁ Extensive reports, Data Import/Export,
⦁ Multistore location mgt
⦁ Easy integration with POS peripherals, etc

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