22" All-in-one Pos PC With Printer, Barcode Scanner, Software

22" Wide-screen, All-in-one POS Computer System (None Touch) with Fast Intel 1037U CPU, 2GB/4GB Memory, 250GB storage, glass base plus Receipt printer and barcode scanner, Windows 10 and POS Software Pre-installed.
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Stylish 22" Wide-screen, All-in-one POS Computer System (None Touch) with Fast multi-core Intel 1037U CPU, 2GB/4GB Memory, 250GB storage, pre-installed with POS Software and running Windows 10. The Pakage is bundled with a 58mm Termal receipt Printer, Handheld Barcode scanner (No stand) and Configured ready for immediate deployment. Offer is backed by 1year warranty and Demo/support on whatsapp07011173474

It is an ideal Point of sale solution for Supermarkets, Pharmacy, restaurants/bar/hotels, cinema, schools, bookshop, fashion shop, Boutique and all retail and Hospitality environments and boasts the Simplest/easiest POS Solution to learn/use, backed with superior performance.

The System offers;

  • Simple sales receipt view interface that can be mastered in a few hours
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Simple/easiest POS Solution to learn/use
  • Ability to send sales/orders wirelessly via Tablet/phones in shops or restaurants.
  • Remote Mobile reports and monitorg feature to enable you login from anywhere with a smartphone/PC to access reports/monitor activities
  • Purchase Order Mgt
  • Employee Mgt to Track employee hours and customize access to functions
  • Generate/print product labels with Barcodes and price tag
  • Extensive reports,
  • Multistore location mgt
  • Easy integration with POS peripherals, etc
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